Building God's Way & Hargett Corporation: A Unique Partnership, An Incredible Ministry

Building God’s Way

In addition to providing quality building services to Central Kentucky, at Hargett Corporation, we have a deep desire to build God’s Kingdom both physically and spiritually. With this desire, we aim to assist Christian churches and schools in Central Kentucky, helping them grow, fund, and build their vision for ministry.

Building God’s Way Services has been impacting Christian communities nationwide since 1998, challenging ministry leaders to lead by vision, to increase ministry, and to build stronger relationships. They are dedicated to the expansion of ministry through growth strategies and funding solutions, which lead to the construction of new facilities for churches, Christian schools and universities, and ministry organizations.

BGW began in the mid-1990s, the result of the Lord’s work in the life of founder Daniel W. Cook. In working toward the founding and building of a local accredited Christian school for his daughters to attend, Dan was led to be involved full-time on the project. Following his experience, Dan released all of his secular architecture clients and focused solely on the Building God’s Way program. He developed the program nationwide through relationships with regional certified builders like Hargett Corporation.

Building God’s Way & Hargett Corporation

Hargett Corporation has been a regional BGW builder since 2003. We are honored to be selected by Building God’s Way as their exclusive regional builder for the state of Kentucky. Ron Hargett shares a similar story with Dan Cook in the formation and construction of Lexington Christian Academy.

Partnering with a nationwide organization like Building God’s Way gives us the privilege to assist Christian churches and schools in sharing designs and resources on their projects, and even across state lines. We join with our clients to design and build a facility while at the same time engaging in ministry through construction.

We are passionate about supporting clients to honor God throughout the building process by implementing ministry efforts on the jobsite, following the Lord’s leading for your project, and considering how God would have you bless others while He is blessing you. We do this through comprehensive services that equip your church or school to use the building process as a means of outreach.

To learn more about Building God’s way, visit their website.

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